Monday, October 11, 2010

Prepare Your Iphone to travel

It is evidently that the help of smartphones made our lives more comfortable. One of the most known smartphones nowadays is the iPhone. It is one of the best products of Apple Inc. It is a phone that you can integrate with applications that can really help you in your day-to-day life. iPhone is also one of the things that are very useful for travelers. However, you should choose the applications that are really useful for travelling. Here are few applications that can help you a lot in your next trip abroad.

SpeechTrans is an iPhone language translator with bi-directional speech recognition and translation. It translates text and speech to languages that you are not knowledgeable with. Using this application you can express you self to people that speak different language, and enable you to understand what they are saying.

Skype is an instant messaging application that also allows you to make calls all around the world. You can also call cellphones and landlines for a low cost.

Flight Track Live
Flight Track Live allows you check gate numbers, delays, and canceled flights. It also gives you suggestions for alternative flights. With the use of this application you can also trace your flight with real-time updates and zoomable maps.

Your iPhone can be your best buddy when you are travelling. You just have to choose what applications to install to make the most out of it. Reading application reviews and comments can help you in choosing which application is the best for you.

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